Fresh flood costs a huge loss for hydropower projects

Kathmandu: The apex body of hydropower producers Independent Power Power Producers Association (IPPAN) claimed that the recent floods and landslides in the eastern part of the country have caused massive damage and loss to hydropower projects.

Preliminary data unveiled by IPPAN states that the loss may exceed NPR 8.5 billion amid damage to 30 hydropower projects. A preliminary study by the apex body states that 30 hydropower projects with a total capacity of 463 megawatts were damaged in the floods that hit Taplejung, Panchthar, Sankhuwasabha, and Bhojpur districts in the month of June.

According to IPPAN, 12 projects producing 132 megawatts of electricity and 17 hydropower projects under construction cost more than NPR 2.5 billion rupees.

According to IPPAN, the largest power-generating project, Kabeli B-1 of 25 megawatts, was damaged to NPR 500 million the flood damaged NPR 1 billion to the 22.1 MW lower Hewa River hydropower project.

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