Health Insurance Board Pays Over Rs. 7 billion to Health Institution

Kathmandu: The Health Insurance Board (HIB) disbursed over NPR 7 billion in the first eight months of the current financial year 2079-80. The HIB seems actively making settlements of reimbursement claimed by the health institutions under the Health Insurance Scheme(HIS).

According to the notice issued by the HIB on Friday, a total of NPR 1.63 billion was paid as the fifth installment against the claim made by the 347 health institutions. HIB is the responsible agency for the operation of HIS all over the nation. It provides reimbursement to the enlisted health institutions against the health care services and medicine provided by the institutionक।

Earlier, the Board had released NPR 2671.1 million, NPR 668.1, NPR 1760 million, and NPR 1180 million in a row in four different installments.

Among the seven provinces, Koshi Province is the most benefited province in terms of the enrollment and the total claim amount under Health Insurance Scheme.

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