Insurers Will Deliver Services During Holidays Too in Year 2080

Kathmandu: The offices and services of insurance companies, banks, and financial institutions will remain open on most of the public holidays of the upcoming new year 2080. The federal government published a notice in the Gazette declaring the holidays for the Year 2080 B.S.

According to the notice published in the Gazette on Thursday, although holidays have been declared on various national days and festivals, the states’ agencies, insurance, and banks have to deliver their public services.

According to the Gazette, offices providing essential public services will remain open during Baisakh Purnima, Raksha Bandhan, Krishna Janmashtami, Ghatasthapana, Christmas Day, Udhyauali Parva, Yomari Punhi, Tamu Lhasaar, Maghi Parba, Sonam Lhosaar, Mahashivaratri, Gyalpo Lhosar, Eid, Bakreid, Gaijatra, Indra Jatra, Republic Day, People’s War Day, National Democracy Day, International Women’s Day, Buddha Jayanti and Prithvi Jayanti.

According to the notice, citizenship, passport, immigration, consular, custom and revenue, revenue investigation, quarantine, vehicle permit, vehicle registration and renewal, industry, commerce, company administration, foreign employment, national identity card and registration, property, surveyor, public services from the local level, veterinary, drinking water, electricity, roads, sewage, food quality testing, examinations conducted by educational institutions, no objection certificates for foreign education, police reports, banking and insurance related services will also flow services on public holidays.

Even though there are public holidays during these festivals and days, the relevant ministries or agencies have been instructed to make necessary arrangements for uninterrupted service delivery.

Provisions have been mentioned in chapter 10(3) of the notice published in the Gazette, employees who have attended the office and worked on public holidays should be compensated with alternative leaves.

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