National Life Insurance Celebrates 36th Anniversary, Promises to Deliver Better Service Ahead

Kathmandu: National Life Insurance Company Limited (NLICL) is celebrating its glorious 36th anniversary. The company was established on 10th Falgun 2044. Established as a multi-insurer, NLICL(former National Life and General Insurance) has been doing the life insurance business since 2061 BS when the general insurance business was assigned to NLG Insurance.

By the end of Paush 2079, the company earned a total of Rs. 85.01 billion in total insurance premiums and paid a total claim of 29.6 billion since its establishment. The company has a total of Rs. 56.15 billion in its life fund. The company sold a total of 38,60,000 policies.

On the occasion of the anniversary, the company has organized blood donation programs in all of its regional offices and branch offices including the central office. Today, the company conducted food-feeding programs at kindergartens and old age homes across the country.

Chief Executive Officer Suresh Prasad Khatri expressed gratitude to all customers, employees, agents, and well-wishers who cooperated with the company with faith. He also expressed his gratitude for the guidance and support received from regulatory agencies and other related organizations.

The company has been distributing attractive dividends to its shareholders every year. It has given a maximum dividend of 72.5 percent.

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