Diyalo Technology’s Innovative Solution Eases Water Supply Management

Kathmandu: The consumers of the Drinking Water Consumers Committee can now easily examine the quality of the drinking water delivered to their households. The fully automated smart water technology developed by fintech company Diyalo Technology Pvt Ltd. has made it easier for consumers to know the quality of their drinking water before consuming it.

The households can easily know the quality of the drinking water delivered to their doorsteps through a sensor inbuilt with Smart Water Technology. Diyalo has developed automated systems for the production and distribution of water, smart meter reading for households, billing, utility management, water quality measurement, and water tank management. The technology has enabled solving all the issues from managing the source of drinking water to end-user delivery.

Water supply committees all over the country are eager to implement this system, which was adopted earlier as a pilot project by the Tokha Water Supply Committee.

Meanwhile, Diyalo Technologies on Tuesday in Urlabari of Morang organized a workshop among all water supply committees of province 1. In the workshop, Diyalo’s Business Development Head Roshan Gautam presented a paper on the features of Diyalo’s software, while Chief Executive Officer PR Khanal answered the committee’s queries. Inaugurating the program, Ganga Kharel, Mayor of Urlabari Municipality, suggested the water supply committees adopt smart water technology admitting that it is the latest development of technology that consumers can ensure the quality of an important commodity like water.

Diyalo, which has digitized about 600 water supply committees so far, has developed this system with the aim of making the entire process of the water supply sector of international standards.

Diyalo Technologies, established about a decade ago, has developed technologies for water supply management like Diyalo Meter Reading Mobile App, Billing Management, SMS System, Online Payment, Accounting System, Inventory Management, Human Resource Management System, NRW: (Water Leakage Analysis) Technology, Flow Management System, Pump Control System, Customer Grievance Management. It has also developed systems such as underground water level analysis, mobile applications, electromagnetic flowmeters, and tank water level measurement technology. These systems are expected to play an important role in making the drinking water sector in Nepal international level.

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