Economic Media Society Unanimously Elects New Executive Committee

Kathmandu: The fifth annual general meeting of Economic Media Society Nepal (EMSON) has elected a new executive committee under the chairmanship of Ramraja Shrestha. Shrestha represents

EMSON is an organization of media houses specializing in economic issues. The AGM was held on Friday at Kotdada, Laltipur. Somnath Bastola of Bijshala dot com, and Lochan Khatiwada, of Bijpati dotcom, has been elected as vice president. Narayan Paudel of Singhdurbar dotcom has been assigned the responsibilities of general secretary. Him Bista of Taksar magazine as secretary, Bishnu Jamktel (Taruke) of Arthapath dotcom as joint secretary, Keshab Prasad Bhandari of Insurance Khabar dotcom has been elected as treasurer.

Similarly, the executive committee includes Suraj Pyakurel of, Milan Khadka of, Surendra Paudel of, and Subadra Thapa of as executive members.

Sitaram Bilasi of Corporate Nepal was previously the president of EMSON, which was established 6 years ago for the business development and efficiency enhancement of financial media. The organization has been conducting debates on various economic issues as well as taking initiatives for policy reforms. At present, 27 media houses of different genres are organized under the umbrella of EMSON.

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