Online Examination Must to Obtain Agency License : Insurance Authority

Kathmandu: The Nepal Insurance Authority has unveiled Insurance Intermediary (Agency) Examination Conduction Guidelines 2079. The Guideline has made it mandatory to attend an online examination to obtain an agent’s license from the Authority.

While participating in the examination, the examinee must keep the video camera on so that the entire face is visible and the voice is clearly heard throughout the examination period. The examinees can participate in the examination through the website (portal) of the authority with the help of a mobile phone, laptop, desktop computer, or tab. The user ID and password will be provided by the Authority after submission of the examination application form along with the examination fee of Rs. 500.

Although the Directives was approved by the board of directors of the Authority on 7th Mangsir 2079, it has been unveiled today on 18th Paush 2079. As per the preamble, the Directives is immediately executed.

In the Guidelines, there is also a provision that if any examinee violates the codes of conduct will be suspended for three months.

In the period of one and a half hours, the examinee has to answer 50 questions carrying 2 marks each. An examinee obtaining 50 marks will qualify for the license and will obtain the certificate from the Authority.

The Authority will prepare a roster of question setters and may assign an individual to prepare the raw question paper every time the examination is conducted. The reviewer appointed by the Authority may check, correct, amend and publish the question paper.

Before participating in the examination, the examinee has to fill up an online application form available on the agency license portal of the Authority. The examinee must opt for the same insurer from which it has attended the training. The examination fee can be paid through an electronic payment gateway.

The Authority aims to avoid the bogus training and production of unprofessional agencies with the implementation of the online examination system.

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