Members of Federal Parliament Are Away From Insurance Coverage Facilities

Kathmandu: The members of the federal parliament have no insurance coverage provided by the state despite their prominent role. According to the Remuneration and Benefits of Officials and Members of the Federal Parliament Act 2073, a member of the parliament is only subject to travel insurance while traveling abroad. The sum assured of the travel insurance is Rs.1 million only.

Apart from risks during traveling abroad, there are many other risks associated with the life of the members of parliament. The state has not even been able to provide health insurance for the Parliament. If the officials and members of the Federal Parliament fall sick, the state will reimburse their medical treatment expenses.

The government offers free medical insurance facilities to the state’s employees and high-profile officials. The state’s organizations like Nepal Police, Nepalese Army, Armed Police Force, Medical Professionals of Public Health Institutions, and many other fields have been enjoying endowment, accidental, and medical health insurance coverage facilities from the state.

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