Bishnu Paudel’s New Innings As Minister Results Gain in NEPSE

Kathmandu: The return of Bishnu Prasad Paudel as Finance Minister has resulted in a remarkable surge in the NEPSE index. The NEPSE index closed at 1,924.07 today with 56.86 points gain from the last trading day’s closing.

This is a gain of 3.05% on the first day of this week’s transaction against the index loss of 0.01 points last Thursday. Investors assume that the return of Paudel as the Finance Minister in the coalition government would support reform in the financial sector and relieve the investors.

Paudel has also been criticized for supporting corporate houses at the policy level to serve their vested interest.

The secondary market has been in a downward trend amid the rising interest rates of banks and financial institutions for the last year. The central bank’s move on the correction of BFIs credit investment has also fueled the investable funds for the secondary market.

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