Employees’ Union of Nepal Life Stage Protest, Put Forward 15-point Demand

Kathmandu: The Employees Union of Nepal Life Insurance Company has staged an agitation with a 15 points demand. It has condemned the recent move of the management to seize the benefits and allowances that have been enjoyed by the employee for a long.

The Union has requested to address its demand as soon as possible and make the company more trustworthy creating a suitable environment for the high morale of the employees. The union set forth the following 15-point demands:

1. Employee Promotion:

Arrange the continuation of employees’ promotions based on efficiency, responsibility, academic qualification, and seniority. And the same should be implemented from the beginning of the financial year, i.e. from the 1st of Shrawan 2079.

2. Real estate purchase loan facility:

Amend the provision of loan facilities for real estate purchases as agreed previously.

3. Regarding the daily visit allowance:

As per the employees’ bylaws, continue the disbursement of the daily allowance.

4. Public holiday:

Overtime allowances should be provided to employees in lieu of leave or when employees serve during public holidays, as per the prevailing rules of that day.

5. Uniform facility:

The office uniform provided annually to the company’s employees should be continued as per the previous arrangement.

6. Insurance:

Compulsory insurance for all employees working in the company (salaried, contract, probationary and permanent).

7. Training and meeting:

If any information sharing, meeting, or training has to be given to the employees related to the office, it should be conducted during office hours.

8. Sweet expenses:

The amount for the anniversary expenses, including the sweet expenses, which have been provided to the employees since the company’s establishment, should be continued.

9. Additional amount:

The zonal head, regional manager, departmental head, branch, and sub-branch heads should be provided with an additional allowance for their additional responsibilities.

10. Home and sick leave:

180 days of home leave and 150 days of sick leave should be provided for permanent employees.

11. Fuel and communication facilities:

The fuel and communication facilities provided to the employees should be amended considering the inflation.

12. Grade:

Every year from the month of Shrawan, one grade should be increased in the pay scale at least 5 percent of the basic salary.

13. Motorcycle facilities:

The motorcycle facility and motorcycle loan facility provided to the employees should be increased in the course of time.

14. Four-wheeler facilities:

A four-wheeler facility should be provided to all employees from senior officers and assistant managers to employees working in the marketing department.

15. Transfer:

When transferring employees, it should be done only in the best interests of the company.


Nepal Life is in the process of revising the employees’ bylaws. The employees have started protesting against the management amid the management’s move to curtail the existing facilities mentioned in the bylaws.

The company’s management has claimed that no amendments have been made to the employees’ bylaws.

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