Fifteen Life Insurers Have Collected above Rs.4.36 Trillion Since Inception

Kathmandu: Among 19 life insurers, 15 life insurance companies have collected a total of Rs. 4 trillion from the policyholders since their inception in Nepal.

According to the data compiled from the financial statement published by the life insurers, a total of Rs. 4 trillion 36 billion and 55 crores has been collected from the policyholders for the last two decades. By Ashoj end of 2078, these companies had collected a total of Rs. 3 trillion 40 billion 18 crores from the policyholders. Compared to last financial year, these companies have managed to increase their premium income by 28 percent.

The fifteen companies include Nepal Life, Asian Life, Prime Life, Guransh Life, Met Life, Prabhu Life, Mahalaxmi Life, Sanima Life, IME Life, Citizens Life, Reliance Life, Reliable Life, Jyoti Life, Union Life, and Sun Nepal Life. LIC Nepal, Rastriya Beema Sansthan, Surya Life, and LIC Nepal have not published the data of their total premium collection since inception.

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