Proposed Dividend of Nepal Life Endorsed by AGM

Kathmandu: The 22nd Annual General Meeting of Nepal Life Insurance Company has endorsed the proposed cash dividend for the financial year 2077-78. The Board of Directors had proposed 15.78 percent cash dividend to its shareholders from the profit of the last financial year. The AGM was held at Hotel Vishwa Birgunj on Thursday.

The AGM has passed the annual financial report for the financial year 2077/78 presented by the chairman on behalf of the board of directors. Similarly, the auditor’s report along with the financial year 2077-78 profit and loss, accounting, cash flow, financial statement and other details have been discussed and passed by the assembly.

The assembly has passed the resolution to appoint an auditor for the financial year 2078/79 and set his remuneration according to the recommendation made by the Audit Committee of the company. Likewise, the BODs has approved the appointment of an independent director in the meeting.

The shareholders who have been holding the share till 17 Kartik will be eligible to receive the cash dividend.

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