Nepali Congress Promises Free Health Insurance For Fatal Diseases

Kathmandu: The leading party of the coalition government, Nepal Congress Party has announced special health insurance facilities to all the citizens through its election manifesto. The 52 page long manifesto has been made public on Saturday with a slogan ‘Easy Access To Quality Healthcare: Strong Healthcare System and Health Insurance for All’.

The elections of the House of Representatives (HoR) and the National Assembly is scheduled to be held on 4 Mangsir 2079. Nepali Congress has expressed its commitment to give a special space to health insurance coverage at free of cost against fatal diseases.

The manifesto mention promises to increase the sum assured of government’s Health Insurance Program(HIP) to Rs.10 lakh. The existing limit of the sum assured under the HIP is only Rs. 3 lakh per household. It has been mentioned that necessary policy and structural arrangements will be made to integrate all social health insurance programs into health insurance program so that all health services except basic ones are covered by insurance.

NCP is targeting the current Health Insurance Board to reach 100% of citizens. The concept of HIP under Govt’s social security program was also introduced by the NCP.

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