Employees’ Provident Fund Distributes Rs. 410 million Under Social Security

Kathmandu: The Employees’ Provident Fund has distributed more than Rs. 410 million to the contributors and their dependents against for social security program last year. In the financial year 2078-79, the Provident Fund has distributed the amount under healthcare, accidental compensation, maternity and infant care and funeral expenses program.

The fund has distributed the most amount for medical expenses in the last year. According to the fund, Rs. 171.4 have been distributed to 2 thousand 98 contributors and their dependents under the healthcare program.

Under the Social Security Program, second largest sums of money are distributed for maternity and infant care. According to the fund, more than Rs. 144.4 million has been distributed to a total of 19 thousand 254 savers.

Similarly, Rs. 84.7 million rupees have been distributed to 424 savers under accidental compensation. Rs. 12.30 million relief distributed to 308 dependent families in the form of funeral expenses.

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