Insurance Companies Intake 1149 New Manpower on Last FY

Kathmandu: The number of directly employed people in the insurance industry, excluding reinsurers, has increased by 10.56 percent last fiscal year. According to the data published by the Insurance Board, insurance regulatory authority, there were a total of 12031 manpower directly employed in the life and non-life insurance companies.

During last fiscal year 2078-79, there were 20 non-life insurance and 19 life insurance companies in operation. The above data excludes the manpower directly involved in two reinsurance companies.

According to the Insurance Board, there were a total of 10882 manpower directly employed in the insurance companies during previous fiscal year 2077-78.

Beside that the Insurance Board has issued license to 840 new insurance surveyor last fiscal year. Which is more than twice of previous fiscal year. There are a total of 1240 insurance surveyor registered with the Board.

The periodic that of the Board shows that 46,403 new agency license were distributed in the last fiscal year.

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