General Insurers Earn Rs. 4 bn Premium in the First Month of Current FY

Kathmandu: Non-life insurance companies have earned over Rs. 4 billion against insurance premiums during the first month of current fiscal year 2079-80. According to the data unveiled by the Insurance Board, 19 non-life insurance companies earned a total insurance premium of Rs. 4.475 billion from the sales of 22 lakh 16 thousand 42 insurance policies in the month.

According to the data, the state-owned non-life insurer, Rastriya Beema Company has earned the highest insurance premiums. The company has earned a total insurance fee of Rs. 84 crore 28 lakh in the month of Sawan. Shikhar Insurance Company has earned Rs. 35 crore 52 lakh during the same period. Himalayan Everest Insurance has earned Rs. 33 crore 19 lakh insurance premiums.

Similarly, Sagarmatha Insurance Company has earned a total insurance premiums of Rs. 32 crore 62 lakh while Siddharth Insurance Company has earned Rs. 30 crore 62 lakh. Neco Insurance Rs. 27 crore 10 lakh, NLG Insurance Company Rs. 23 crore 40 lakh, Premier Insurance Rs. 21 crore 25 lakh, Oriental Insurance Rs. 19 crore 58 lakh. The insurance premium income for the same month of National Insurance is Rs. 17 crore 48 lakh and Lumbini General Insurance Rs. 17 crore 34 lakh,.

Nepal Insurance Company has accumulated Rs.16 crore 64 lakh, Ajod Insurance Company Rs. 16 crore 14 lakh, IME General Insurance Rs. 15 crore 67 lakh, Prudential Insurance Rs.13 crore 65 lakh, General Insurance Rs.12 crore 25 lakh insurance premium.

According the the Insurance Board, the United Insurance has earned Rs.10 crore 40 lakh, Sanima General and Prabhu Insurance Company have earned Rs.10 crore and 35 and Rs. 10 crore 34 lakh respectively.

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