Asian Life’s TPI Surge by 17.74 pc while Profit Plunged by 33.38 pc

Kathmandu: Asian Life Insurance Company Limited(ALICL) has published the financial statement for the fourth quarter of the last financial year (78/79). According to the statement, the company’s total insurance premiums income increased by 17.74 percent and reached Rs. 6.96 billion. In the previous financial year (77/78), the company had earned Rs. 5.91 billion total insurance premium.

The profit of the company decreased by 33.38 percent in the last financial year to Rs. 169.4 million, while the profit of the company in the previous financial year was Rs. 254.3 million.

With a paid-up capital of Rs. 2.53 billion, the company has Rs. 583.36 million in reserves. In a period of 1 year, ALICL has managed to expand the size of it’s life fund by 21.18 percent to Rs. 32.9 billion. In the last financial year, the company paid a total of Rs. 4.41 billion, and the outstanding claim amount is Rs. 586 million.

According to published data, the company’s annual income per share is Rs. 6.67 paisa and book value is Rs. 128.37 paisa.


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