CEO Yugesh Bhakta Gets Second Inning in IME General


Kathmandu: The second term of Yugesh Bhakta Bade Shrestha, Chief Executive Officer of IME General Insurance Company has started from today. The board of directors(BODs) of the company had decided to re-appoint Bade for another four years’ term on June 21, 2022. The decision of the board of directors was approved by the Insurance Board.

Shrestha has been working in the insurance industry for last 27 years. The company said that in the last 7 years, significant progress has been achieved under the leadership of Shrestha. The company has agreed to give him responsibility for another term saying that it has succeeded in achieving significant progress under his leadership.

On the same occasion, the Chairman of the BODs, Hemraj Dhakal, congratulated the CEO Shrestha for his re-appointment for the second term and wished him a successful tenure ahead. Taking the oath of the CEO, Shrestha expressed his commitment to establish IME General Insurance as an excellent company during his tenure. On the same occasion, he also thanked the regulatory bodies, board of directors, promoters, shareholders, colleagues and customers who have always supported him.

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