Pravin Raman to Take Charge of CEO in Nepal Life

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Kathmandu: Nepal Life Insurance Company (NLIC) has proposed to appoint Pravin Raman Parajuli to the Chief Executive Officer. The 341st meeting of the Board of Directors(BODs) held today has proposed to appoint Parajuli as the CEO for the next four years.

Following the recommendation of the BODs, NLIC has submitted application to the Insurance Board for the final nod. NLIC can make the official appointment only after the approval of the Board.

NLIC had appointed Parajuli as the Senior Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCEO) on Paus 29 immediately after completion of his tenure as CEO in Reliance Life Insurance. Parajuli was not directly appointed to CEO to avoid the cooling period as per the Institutional Governance Directives of Insurers.


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