Prabhu Insurance Announces SGM with the Agenda of Merger

Kathmandu: Prabhu Insurance Company(PRIN) has announced date for special general meeting(SGM) to pass the agenda to empower Board of Directors for decision making on possible merger and acquisition.

The members of BODs have announced that the SGM will be held on 28 Asar 2079 at 11 am to decide on future merger and acquisitions with any suitable non-life insurance company and sign Memorandum of Understanding(MoU). Further, the SGM will also discuss and pass the agenda to appoint a valuator to conduct Due Diligence Audit(DDA) and also to delegate full authority to the BODs to complete all the necessary procedures related to merger/acquisition.

Prabhu Group and Employees’ Provident Fund are the major promoters behind Prabhu Insurance.

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