Shikhar Insurance Employs 40 pc Women in it’s Workforce

Bhawana Lama

Kathmandu: Shikhar Insurance, the market leader among non-life insurers, has 40 percent female employees. According to the quarterly data published under the Right to Information Act, Shikhar Insurance has 611 employees are working till Third Quarter end of current Fiscal Year.

Even in the second quarter of the current fiscal year, the total number of employees was 611 but the number of female employees was 250. Shikhar Insurance is also the largest employer non-life insurer in terms of number of workforce. In the Fiscal Year 2077/78, out of the total 603 manpower, 248 were female employees which was 41.11 percent of the total employed workforce.

According to the third quarter report, the share of female employees in the total manpower is 40 percent but the number of female employees working at the top management level is only 1. Sabita Maskey, the head of the underwriting department, is the only female general manager. Apart from the chief executive officer, there are three general managers, two acting general managers and one assistant general manager at the top management level of the company. Although there is only one female general manager in terms of the number of general managers, it is 33 percent.

Beyond that there are 14 female branch managers out of 103 branch offices which is 13.59 percent. The insurance industry is yet not inclusive. Insurance Industry has very few number of women employed as compared to the Bank and Finance Institutions.

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