High-court Orders Ajod Insurance to Settle Covid19 Insurance Claim

Kathmandu. Ajod Insurance Company has been ordered by the Biratnagar High Court to pay the claims of 31 journalists against Covid19 Insurance. A joint bench of Biratnagar High Court’s Judge Satya Mohan Joshi Tharu and Jagat Narayan Pradhan on Monday issued an order to pay the claim to Ajod Insurance Company as per the Covid19 Insurance.

A group of 31 journalists from the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) Morang had filed a writ petition against the opposition Ajod Insurance Company demanding payment of Corona Insurance claim. The petitioner had filed a writ petition against the Insurance Board including Ajod Insurance and the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers of the Government of Nepal.

The Biratnagar High Court, while hearing the writ petition, ordered that the petitioners should get the compensation as claimed from the Ajod Insurance Company.

As the full text of the decision of the High Court is being prepared, the petitioners can apply to the company for payment of their claims within the next few days, said Omraj Subedi, spokesperson of the High Court. Subedi said that the decision was in favor of the petitioner saying that the government could not stop the payment of the claim that the money was not paid after insuring according to the Covid19 Insurance Criteria 2077. Petitioners can claim the company with a copy of the High Court decision. This order applies only to 31 applicants, rather than to the overall Covid19 Insurance claim payment.

The Morang branch of the Federation of Nepali Journalists had filed a writ petition in the Biratnagar High Court on September 7, 2008. If the insured insured according to the Covid19 criteria continue to file writs in this manner, the other insured will also be heard.

Thus, it is seen that if the Supreme Court decides in favor of all directly instead of issuing orders for payment of claims by hearing the writ petitions one after the other, the claim can be settled faster.

Insurance companies had issued insurance policies according to Corona insurance criteria. Insurers are the first to purchase a policy based on these criteria. But the companies have been saying that they have not been able to pay the claims as the government has not released the amount as per the criteria.

If the court continues to order the companies to pay the claims, the non-life insurance companies have to pay more than Rs. 11 billion. On the other hand, insurance companies can also sue the Government of Nepal against Covid19 insurance criteria.

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