Minister Sharma Defends Govt’s Plan to Run Health Insurance Through Insurers

Kathmandu: Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has defended government’s plan to run health insurance program(HIP) through insurance companies. He was responding to the question raised by member of parliament in the meeting of house of representatives.

“Health insurance program is not being discontinued. It will run from where it is, “he said. There is nothing wrong about studying the possibilities to run the program with the involvement of insurance companies. ‘ Presenting the budget for the up coming fiscal year 2079/80, Finance Minister Sharma had announced to run the health insurance program through insurance companies.

The government’s announcement in the budget to allow health insurance programs to be run through insurance companies was opposed in the Parliament even by the MPs of ruling party. Reacting to the budget presented by Finance Minister Sharma, the lawmakers had protested against the introduction of HIP as a social security scheme, saying it should not be given to insurance companies. The government has allocated Rs 7.5 billion for the HIP. Health Insurance Board is the implementing authority for HIP under social security scheme of the state.

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