Expert Surveyor From Singapore Invited to Probe into Tara Air Crash

Kathmandu: A surveyor has been called in from Singapore to assess the loss caused to the fleet of Tara Air. Himalayan General Insurance Company has asked for a surveyor from Singapore through the re-insurance company. The company has also invited surveyors from India. As there is no expert surveyor for assessing the aviation accident.

Nineteen passengers, including three crew members, were killed when a Tara Air plane crashed on 29 May 2022. The plane, which was flying from Pokhara to Jomsom in Mustang district on Sunday morning, was found crashed at Sano Sarebhir in Kowang of Thasang Gaonpalika-2 in Mustang district on Monday morning.

Tara Air has insured USD 2 million with Himalayan General Insurance Company. In addition, passengers are insured for USD 20,000 per person and crew members for USD 40,000 per person.

According to the latest US dollar exchange rate, Tara Air can claim up to Rs.246 million in compensation for the crashed plane. The actual amount of compensation will be known only after the assessment by the surveyor.

From the beginning of commercial flights in Nepal, the passenger insurance amount was USD 20,000. In the 55 years since the beginning of commercial flights in Nepal, the sum assured per passenger for accidents on domestic flights has not been increased yet.

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