Life Fund surge by 23pc in 3Q, Exceeds Rs.448 billion

Kathmandu: The life insurance fund of life insurance companies has exceeded Rs. 448 billion till Chaitra end of the current fiscal year. Such funds have increased by 23.15 percent in one year as compared to the same period of the last fiscal year 2077/78.

Of the existing life insurance companies, three companies Nepal Life Insurance, LIC Nepal, and National Life Insurance Companies have 60 percent of the total life insurance funds in their possession. The three life insurance companies alone have a fund of Rs. 270 billion. Of which, Nepal Life has the highest amount of Rs. 131 billion. In the entire insurance industry, the size of the life fund of Nepal Life Insurance occupies 29.24 percent of the life insurance industry.

LIC Nepal has a life insurance fund of Rs. 90.30 billion. LICN has a share of 20.13 percent in the life fund. National Life has a life insurance fund of Rs. 49.4 billion. The company holds 10.93 percent of the total life fund of the life insurance companies.

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