DP service providers offer free insurance coverage

Kathmanduट्ठ As competition among depository participants increases, the consumers are benefitted from free accidental insurance to zero  free services for portfolio management. The DP service providers are trying to attract new customers offering free demat account, up to a certain percentage discount on portfolio management services and and certainty of return.

Asian Capital Limited has announced a double-dhamaka portfolio plan. Under this scheme, it has announced to provide free accidental insurance coverage equal to the investment amount of its customers over the duration of portfolio management services. The company, which is located at Daisy Bhawan of Putalisadak New Plaza, Kathmandu has also guaranteed to open a demat account within 10 minutes.

Another DP service provider, Nabil Invest has also made public its investment plan for the New Year 2079. Under this scheme, 50 percent discount on Corporate Portfolio Advice Service fee, free term insurance and Coverage against Fatal Cancer have been offered. It has also committed more than 11 percent return.
Global IME Capital has announced a 50% discount on PMS and Lifetime Demat and Mero Share Account with a security deposit of Rs. 2500.

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