Reliance Life’s newly appointed CEO Pokharel takes charge

Kathmandu:  Reliance Life Insurance Company’s(RLI) newly appointed Chief Executive Officer Rakesh Pokharel has assumed his office today. Pokharel has been for a four-year term.

Pokharel holds a masters degree in economics from Tribhuvan University.  Pokharel, who was awarded a Chartered Accountancy degree from the Board of India (ICAI) in 2009, has worked for three life insurance companies.


Pokharel, who entered Prime Life as an internal auditor, had worked for four and a half years.  Leaving Prime Life, he joined Surya Life as Assistant General Manager (AGM).  He was later promoted to Deputy General Manager.  He had left Surya Life after working for almost three and a quarter years.After Surya Life, he worked as the General Manager in the first six months of IME Life. He has been away from the insurance sector for the last three years.

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