Covid19: Odd-even rule for vehicles plying made mandatory in Valley

Kathmandu: The district administrations of Kathmandu valley have imposed odd-even rule for vehicles plying inside valley amid the third wave of Covi1d19. The odd-even system has been made effective from Saturday until further notice.

The odd-even rule has not been made mandatory for ambulance, fire brigade, petroleum product, drinking water, food and dairy items transporting vehicles, press vehicles, banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, aviation service providers, government offices, foreign diplomatic institutions, hospitals, medical practitioners.

As per the rule, vehicles with odd-registration number will operate on odd days and even registration number will run on even days as per the Nepali Calendar.

The Insurance Board(IB) has already instructed all the insurers to run their office with the presence of minimum possible number of employees while following the Covid19 precaution protocols. It has also urged insurers to maximum use the electronic means to deliver services to their clients.


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