Covid19: IB advises insurers to ensure full vaccination of employees

Kathmandu: The Insurance Board(IB) has directed to make arrangements for the remaining employees to be vaccinated. The IB has issued instructions to all the insurance companies to make ensure that all the employees have been vaccinated against Covid19.

As Covid19 spreads rapidly worldwide and the rate of infection is increasing in Nepal as well, all insurance companies have issued five-point directives to adhere to the health standards set by the Government of Nepal to minimize the risk of Covid19 spread.

The IB has issued instructions to the employees and service recipients present in the office of the insurance company to create working environment by maintaining physical distance to reduce the risk of Covid19 infection. Similarly, the companies have to provide necessary masks and sanitizers to the employees and service recipients present in the office.

The regulatory authority has advised the insurers to conduct training virtually as far as possible. The government of Nepal has banned crowds of more than 25 people as the infection rate of Covid19 has been increasing in recent days. Similarly, vaccination card has been made mandatory in the public places.

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