Asian Life’s proposed 27pc bonus approved by the Insurance Board

Kathmandu. The dividend declared by Asian Life for the Fiscal Year 2076/77 has been approved by the Board of Directors of the Insurance Board(IB). The company has declared a 27 percent dividend for the fiscal year, including 25 percent bonus shares and 2 percent cash dividend for tax purpose.

Now, the company will forward the agenda for bonus distribution to the upcoming annual general meeting. The meeting is expected to be held within a month. Once the agenda is passed by the AGM, the shareholders will be eligible to get the bonus shares.

The company had not paid dividend from the profit since the fiscal year 2074/75. This time, it has announced to pay 27 percent dividend from the accumulated profits of the fiscal years 2075/2076 and 2076/2077.

Currently, the company’s paid up capital is Rs 2.1 billion. After the distribution of the proposed 25 percent bonus shares i.e. Rs. 502.6 million bonus shares, the paid up capital will reach Rs. 2.51 billion.

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