Nepal Airlines calls for bid to offer Covid19 Insurance for travelers

Kathmandu: Nepal Airlines Corporation(NAC) has called for bid to provide Covid19 insurance coverage for its international travelers. The notice is followed by the recent circular of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) for mandatory Covid19 insurance coverage for all the in or outbound international passengers.

As per the circular issued by the CAAN, an international airlines must ensure that all of its passengers have got the coverage of Covid19 health insurance which may bear the cost of 14 days hotel quarantine and medical treatment expenses upto USD 5,000. The circular was supposed to be executed from 15 December, 2021. However, the order has been postponed for the time-being as the airlines operators requested CAAN either to withdraw its decision or provide some time for the preparation and execution of the Covid19 Insurance.

Earlier, there was no mandatory provision for travelers’ health insurance or Covid19 insurance in Nepal. The Travel Agency Association of Nepal has strongly criticized the CAAN’s decision for mandatory Covid19 Insurance.

NAC has announced that only insurance companies operating in Nepal can offer the service. Shikhar Insurance Company is the only Insurer which has continued to offer Covid19 Insurance service in Nepal. Rest of the Non-life insurers have already discontinued their Covid19 Insurance service after the Government of Nepal refused to make contribution to the Covid19 Insurance Pool.


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