Nepal Re calls AGM on 6 Jan 2022 to ratify the proposed dividend of 19 pc

Kathmandu: Nepal Reinsurance Company has announced its sixth annual general meeting (AGM) for January 6, 2022. The meeting will be held at 11:00 am at Karki Banquet, Baber Mahal, the company said. The meeting of the board of directors of the company held on December 13 has fixed the date of the AGM.

The company had proposed to distribute 16.50 percent bonus shares and 2.50 percent cash for tax purposes to its shareholders from the profits of the FY 76/77 for a total of 19 percent dividend. The AGM is expected to pass the bonus and cash dividend.

The decision of the BOD for the extension of tenure of member of BODs, Deep Prakash Pandey and Dilliraj Aryal will also be ratified by the next AGM.

The another major agenda of the proposed AGM is to pass the proposal to empower the BODs to make necessary amendments to MoA and AoA if any suggestion of change is received from the Government of Nepal or regulatory bodies.

The company is preparing to close the book one day on December 30 for the purpose of AGM and dividend. On the basis of book close, only the shareholders validated till December 29 will be eligible to participate in the meeting and receive dividend.

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