BODs of Nepal Life received Rs. 8.436 million as meeting allowance in FY 77/78

Kathmandu: The Board Directors of Nepal Life Insurance Company have received Rs. 8.436 millions as meeting allowances in FY 2078/79.
Among the directors, a member of BOD, Kamlesh Kumar Agrawal, alone has attended 138 meetings in the last fiscal year 2077/78 and drawn Rs. 2.71 million for meeting allowance and Rs.180,000 as other allowances.

Similarly, Bimal Prasad Dhakal has also been attended 69 meetings to receive Rs. 1.52 million including Rs.180,000 as monthly allowances. Another member of the BODs, Ram Awatar Agrawal has Rs.1 million 23 thousand for meeting allowance and Rs.1 million 80 thousand for monthly service facility.

Parul Dhakal, a non-executive director, has also attended 32 meetings and received Rs. 811,000 including 631,000 meeting allowance and 140,000 other services. Paras Mundada, the youngest among the BODs, has attended the meeting only 15 times. He has received Rs. 375,000.Bibek Agrawal has received Rs. 651,000 including Rs. 140,000 for other allowances.

Chairman Gobindlal Sanghai has attended only 17 meetings. He seems to have received only Rs. 544,000 including Rs.344,000 allowance and Rs.140,000 other allowances.


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