Life Insurers have provided direct employment to above six thousand

Kathmandu: Life insurance companies have provided direct employment to more than six thousand workforce.

According to the Insurance Board of Nepal(IB), the current employment of the life insurance companies amounts to 6,023.

Nepal Life Insurance Company has total 666 employees in total which is the highest number among insurance companies. Asian Life Insurance is the second highest number of employees. It has 453 employees in its 149 branches.

Union Life Insurance Company has employed 431 workforce while Jyoti Life has a total number of employees 429.

Similarly, 378 people in National Life, 353 people in Sun Nepal Life, 329 people in Reliable Nepal, 309 people in Citizen Life, 296 people in Prabhu Life, 294 people in Surya Life, 255 people in Reliance Life, 254 people in IME Life, 243 people in Sanima Life, 243 people in LIC Nepal employment. There are 238 employees in Gurans Life, 233 employees in Mahalakshmi Life, 160 employees in Met Life and 124 employees in Rastriya Beema Sansthan.

The number of branches of life insurance companies has been 2223 till Kartik end of the current fiscal year.

The total number of direct employment in the whole Insurance Industry has increased by  5.94 percent to 10,798.

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