Government announces fringe compensation against crop loss due to heavy rainfall

Kathmandu. The Government of Nepal(GoN) has announced a maximum compensation of Rs. 55,000 to farmers against crop damage caused by heavy rains last month.
A meeting of the Council of Ministers on December 18,2021 had approved the Standard to provide relief to the farmers whose crops got Damaged due to unseasonal rains and decided to provide compensation up to a maximum of Rs. 55,000 for the same.

It has been decided to distribute the relief on the basis of the assessment of the damage caused to the paddy crop by the incessant rains from 17 to 22 October.

According to the Standard, small farmers who have suffered complete loss will get relief of 65 percent of the cost of paddy, medium farmers up to 20 percent and medium or small farmers who have suffered partial loss will get compensation up to 20 percent of production cost.
The criteria for distribution of compensation has been classified as large scale farmers with more than 3 bighas of land, medium level farmers with 10 kathha to 3 bighas of land and small farmers with less than 10 kattha land.
The relief amount to be provided as compensation will be determined by the local committee to be formed under the coordination of the Chief District Officer or the Gazetted Second Class Officer appointed by him/her. The members of this Compensation Evaluation Committee are the head of the Agriculture Knowledge Center, the head of the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General and the Chief Administrative Officer at the local government.

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