Comparing 12 Listed Life Insurers based on First Quarter Report

Kathmandu: Among the insurance companies listed in the secondary market, 12 life insurance companies have published their financial statements for the first quarter of FY 78/79. A comparative study by to all listed life insurance companies are provided here:

Based on paid up capital:

Nepal Life Insurance has the highest paid up capital. The paid up capital of Nepal Life Insurance is Rs. 7.19 billion. Guransh Life Insurance has a published paid up capital of Rs. 1.97 billion.

Based on reserve fund:

Union Life Insurance’s reserve fund is the strongest based on the financial statements of the companies published in the first quarter of FY 78/79. The company has a reserve fund of Rs.1.12 billion. Similarly, Reliance Life Insurance has the lowest reserve fund. Reliance Life Insurance has a reserve fund of Rs. 263.4 million.

Life insurance fund:

The life insurance fund of Nepal Life Insurance is strong. Nepal Life has a life insurance fund of Rs.118 billion. Similarly, Prabhu Life Insurance has the lowest amount in life insurance fund Rs. 2.30 billion.

Net insurance premium earnings:

Nepal Life Insurance has earned Rs. 9.74 billion net premium. Sanima Life Insurance and Prabhu Life have earned the lowest insurance premium. Both have earned only Rs. 550 million in net insurance premiums.

Based on net profit:

As of the first quarter of FY 77/78, Prime Life Insurance has made the highest net profit of Rs. Nepal Life Insurance has made a net profit of only Rs. 7 million.

By earnings per share:

Prime Life Insurance has the highest earnings per share of Rs. 20.28 paise and the lowest earnings per share of Nepal Life is Rs. 0.39 paise.

However, in the case of life insurance companies, the actual profit and earnings per share will be assessed only after the actuarial. When calculating earnings per share, net profit is divided by the total number of shares and  annualized.

Market price:

The market value of LIC Nepal is highest at 2050 and the market value of Sanima Life is lowest at 546.

Note: The above analysis is based on available data. Investors are advised to make further analysis before making any investment decision.

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