Ample Job Opportunities in Life Insurance Industry

Kathmandu: The Life Insurance market is flooded with ample job opportunities for the aspirants who seek career growth in the field of sales and marketing. The tough competition among life insurers has created pressure for the top level management to equally expand branch network and hire new talents for the business growth.

There’s always vacancy in any life insurance company, where you can work as certified Life Insurance Agent. Beside that you can work as full timer employee in the sales and marketing team. The main condition for the job is your capability to market your product and convert the approach to sales business. The more business you acquire, the more money you will earn from Life Insurance Company.

Currently, Jyoti Life Insurance has published job vacancy for its various Branch and Sub branch offices. The potential candidate is expected to sale the life insurance products and collect first insurance premium. Similarly, Reliable Life Insurance Company is also welcoming youngsters to join its sales and marketing team. There are openings for 65 employees in IME Life Insurance till November 10, 2021.

If you have jeal and jest to work in the field of sales and marketing or you have enough experience in the field of sales and marketing, you can easily grab opportunity in the Life Insurance Industry and explore your potentials.

So, what are you awaiting for? Visit the nearby office of any Life Insurance Company, submit your resume and await for call for interview. That’s an easy way. You don’t need to confirm that whether there’s any opening in the life insurance companies or not.

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