Indian Insurers soon to offer health insurance for unborn babies

Kathmandu: Indian Insurers may soon offer health insurance cover for unborn baby.

The president of the Indian Academy of Pediatric Surgeons (IAPS) Dr Ravindra Ramadwar announced that at least two companies have agreed to offer the innovative service for Indian parents.In the announcement was made at the 47th annual conference of IAPS held recently.


The insurance will cover the risk of ebirth defects and surgical problems during infancy.


At present insurers do not offer cover for birth defects or surgical problems during infancy. As a result, parents opt for abortion. Dr. Ravindra is hopeful that the new insurance coverage will control abortion of babies with abnormalities.

Star Health Insurance’s managing director Dr S Prakash said that they are awaiting approval from regulatory authority IRDAI to launch the new insurance product.

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