Health Insurance for expat made mandatory in Qatar

Kathmandu: The Ministry of Public Health of Qatar has announced that for all expatriates and visitors to the country is made mandatory. A new law recently introduced makes it mandatory for health insurance for them all.

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, Qatar Emir, issued the new law on 19 October. The law is effective six months after its publication in the Official Gazette, reported The Peninsula.

It is expected that expats including Nepali migrant workers will benefit from the new law. Every year numbers of Nepali semi skilled and unskilled workers flock to Qatar for the search of job.

Under the legislation, employers are required to provide health insurance for foreign workers through insurance companies registered with the Ministry of Public Health.

Advisor to the Minister of Public Health, Khaled Al Mughaisib, said, “The mechanisms for implementing mandatory health insurance system will be simple like requiring the expat worker to produce an insurance policy while renewing the residence permit or upon entering the country.”

He informed that the Department of Insurance and Finance at the ministry will be the supervise the mandatory health insurance scheme.


Note:This news has been prepared with some inputs received from international media.

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