Are you being cheated by Commercial Banks? Lodge a complaint to Rastra Bank

Kathmandu: Have you been cheated by any Bank and Financials Institutions? Do you have any service delivery related complaints against the BFIs? You may be in dilemma about to whom to complain and to where to complain.

No more worries now. You can directly lodge a complaint to the Nepal Rastra Bank(NRB). NRB, the central bank is a regulatory authority for the BFIs licensed by it. NRB has requested the consumers of BFIs, Money Exchanger, Digital Payment Service Providers like IME Pay, E-sewa, Prabhu Pay, Khalti Wallet etc and Remittance Companies.

It has provided an online platform for the BFIs clients to file complaints against their unethical behavior or any service related grievances. You can submit your complaints on  the on the Gunaso Portal of NRB .

Once you submit the complaint, you will receive a tracking number to check the further actions taken by NRB’s team against your complaints. Don’t worry NRB will maintain privacy to protect the BFIs victims while taking actions based on their complaints.

These days there’s a lot of unethical banking practices among few Commercial Banks to exploit the consumers while issuing or renewing the credit facilities. Recently, it has been learnt that NIC Asia Bank has forced its clients to sign a new contract prior to expiry of the existing loan deed with the motive of increasing the rate of interest.


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