Merchandise export surge by 115 pc while import up by 78 pc

Kathmandu: The export trade witnesses a surge of 115.4 percent during the first two months of FY 2021/22. The merchandise imports increased 75.9 percent to Rs.314.52 billion against a decrease of 22.1 percent a year ago.

As per the current macroeconomic study report revealed by Nepal Rastra Bank, the merchandise exports of Nepal increased to Rs.44.04 billion. It was mere an increase of 10.5 percent in the same period of the last fiscal year.

In two months between mid-July to mid-September of 2021/22, exports to India increased to 150.7 percent which was supported by the surge in export of edible oil. Similarly, expert to China also increased by 20.7 percent while the export to other countries improved by 31.0 percent.

Exports of soyabean oil, palm oil, oil cakes, jute goods, polyster yarn & thread to India increased in the review period. The exports of tea, medicine (ayurvedic), wire, zinc sheet, and cardamom, among others, decreased in the review period.

Destination-wise, imports from India, China and other countries increased 56.7 percent, 76.2 percent, and 141.4 percent respectively. Imports of petroleum products, transport equipment, vehicle and parts, crude soyabean oil, gold, silver, among others, increased whereas imports of chemical fertilizer, cement, tobacco, molasses sugar and pulses, among others, decreased in the review period.

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