Surya Life Unveils New Brand Logo

Kathmandu: Surya Life Insurance has done rebranding to it’s logo brand slogan after 13 years of its establishment. The company has changed the slogan “Your future is our responsibility” to “Surwe Bhawantu Sukhinah”. The literal meaning of this sankrit words is may all be happy in this wolrd and may all be healthy.

The company’s board of directors has redefined the company’s branding as per the plan to move the company forward with a new strategy with the entry of Vivek Jha, a veteran in the life insurance industry and new leadership at the top management level.

On the left side of the new brand logo, the slogan ‘Surwe Bhawantu Sukhin’ is mentioned below the bright golden shining sun on a red background, while on the right side, the word ‘Surya Life Insurance’ is written in golden letters on black background.

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