Transaction over Rs.9 billion taken place within 10 days through ConnectIPS

Kathmandu: With the increase in the use of electronic payments, the turnover from ConnectIPS operated by NCHL has increased significantly during the Dashain festival. From Ghatsthapana (Ashwin 21) to Ekadashi (Ashwin 30) through this system, a total turn over of Rs. 9.2 billion has taken place. The turnover increased by 317% over the last year’s Dashain.

“Although cash transactions are very popular during the Dashain and are associated with Nepali culture, the use of electronic transactions seems to be increasing at the initiative of banks, financial institutions and various payment service providers and payment system operators.”
To transact through ConnectIPS, customers can transfer and make payments from the mobile app or web of the system and from the mobile banking of any bank or financial institution.

Once you link your bank account to the ConnectIPS app or web, you can use it through mobile banking directly without a separate register.
Also, to make it easier to transfer money from your mobile during the festival season, the transaction fee for transferring money from the mobile app of ConnectIPS or the mobile banking of any bank or financial institution has been made completely waived from Ashwin 20 to Kartik 25.

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