Sanima Bank aggressively expands branch network in Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu: Sanima Bank Limited is strategically expanding its full-fledged branch network in the Kathmandu Valley. The management of Sanima Bank has recently emphasized on strategic branch expansion.

Five new branches including Sanepa, Mangalbazar, Balkumari, Harisiddhi and Dolahiti have been added in Lalitpur district alone within a month. Earlier, it had full-fledged branches in Bhainsepati, Satdobato, Kumaripati, Kupandol, Thasikhel and Ekantakuna of Lalitpur.

The bank management is upgrading 26 extended counters operating in Kathmandu Valley to business and strategic branch offices. The plan to add a branch in the Kathmandu Valley or in a new place where a branch office is needed in the off-season has also been given continuity.

Similarly, a branch has been set up in Gokarneshwar last week while there were already full-fledged branch offices in Kalanki, Teku, New Road, Baneshwor, Gwarko, Naxal, Chuchchepati, Samakhusi, Soh-Khutte, Maharajganj, Budhanilkantha and Khare Chowk (Gothatar) of Kathmandu. A branch office has recently been opened in Bode of Bhaktapur. The bank, which operates branches in Gatthaghar and Thimi in Bhaktapur district, will soon open a new branch in Balkot Chowk. The necessary infrastructure for the office is currently under construction.

The bank has more than 114 branches with 97 ATMs installed. However, updated details about the branch network are not available on the bank’s website. The names, addresses and contact numbers of 88 branches have been mentioned.

As the bank has not updated the information about the branch network on its website, the customers of the bank are having difficulty in getting physical banking services due to lack of information about the nearest branch offices.

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