Merchant Bankers declare lucrative dividend ahead of Festive Season

Kathmandu: Merchant bankers’ have announced lucrative dividend to the shareholders while the nation is eagerly awaiting for the biggest festival season. Some merchant banks have already passed the dividend from the annual general meeting and some are preparing to call a annual general meeting.

So far, 15 merchant banks have declared dividends. The average dividend rate of merchant banks declaring dividend is 25.27 percent.Most merchant bankers have announced cash dividends over bonus shares. On an average, the cash dividend is 22.11 percent while the bonus share is 1.16 percent.

NIC Asia Capital has declared the highest cash dividend of 48 percent from the profits and reserves of the last fiscal year 2077/78. After NIC Asia, Prabhu Capital, Siddhartha Capital and Sunrise Capital have announced 40 percent. Prabhu has already passed the proposal of 22.39 percent bonus share and 17.61 percent cash dividend from the AGM. This year, only Prabhu and Sampanna have passed the offer of bonus shares.Sampanna has increased its capital by allocating 25 percent bonus shares.

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