Insurance Awareness Video made public by Insurance Board

Kathmandu: The Insurance Board(IB) has made a public insurance awareness video on insurance. The video, starring Madan Krishna Shrestha and Haribansh Acharya, is about two minutes long. The IB has launched a public awareness program on insurance as a campaign this year.

The IB, which is interacting about insurance with the people’s representatives of the local bodies, made the video public today. The video seeks to explain life insurance and non-life insurance. The video shows the rituals that a groom’s(to be) family visits the bride’s(to be) family to inquire about her and her family. In between the meaning of life and non-life insurance has been explained while the bride’s father inquires about the profession of the bride. Interestingly, the bride’s father pretends to be the lhami(mediator) between the two family. Later, it is disclosed by himself after the meeting agrees for the wedding.

This video also seeks to portray agents as a respected profession.

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