‘Internship for new surveyors is no more compulsory’

Kathmandu: Insurance Board(IB) has withdrawn the provision of compulsory internship of Insurance Surveyors who have recently completed the basic surveyor training. IB, in coordination with the Nepal Insurers Association, had agreed to make the trainees compulsorily undergo internship. But after the protest from the newcomer surveyors, IB has made it optional.

IB has decided to issue licenses to those who have paid the fee for the license from today while the insurance companies have been taking a stand to issue licenses to those only who have undergone training in the first two lots only after completing the internship.

Those who have completed the basic training will receive a certificate after paying a fee of Rs. 5,000. From now on, the Insurance Board will print and distribute the surveyor’s license through digital system. Earlier, handwritten certificates were issued.

When IB opened the application for the license through the online system, 1168 candidates had applied. Although the IB had predicted only 200-300 hundred applications. The number of aspirants has increased as they have not been able to open the surveyor’s license for more than five years.

Currently, there are around 700 surveyors in Nepal. However, as it is an independent profession, only about 250 are supposed to be active, according to the IB.

Non-life insurance companies have been saying that there is a problem in paying claims due to lack of adequate surveyors. But if IB produces so many surveyors at once, it seems to fill the market gap.

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