Prabhu Capital launches Child Centric Investment Service

Kathmandu:Prabhu Capital has launched ‘Prabhu Little Champ PMS’ scheme on the occasion of Children’s Day. Under this scheme, Capital will provide investment management services to the clients who want to invest for the secure future of their children from birth to 16 years.

After kids join the scheme to avail PMS services, Capital will cover the school expenses of one poor and backward child per PMS. Capital will run the program in collaboration with Hoste Hainse, a non-governmental organization, as part of its corporate social responsibility.

One of the major services and products provided by Capital is the investment management service. Under this, Prabhu Aishwarya PMS Yojana has been launched on the occasion of this day targeting only women investors and Prabhu Smart PMS Yojana is in operation for all types of investors.

Features of Prabhu Little Champ PMS Plan:

  • Minimum investment period: 5 years
  • Hurdle rate: 8 percent
  • Annual Management Fee (AMC): 2 percent
  • Profit charges: 20 percent
  • Lock in period: 5 years
  • Plan closure fee before lock-in period: 3 percent
  • Profit Distribution: After the minimum investment period
  • All school expenses for one year will be sponsored by Capital for poor and backward children.

Prabhu Capital has stated that regular office hours and Prabhu Bank’s branches across Nepal can participate in this scheme. In this way, the participating service recipients will be able to see how their investment is being managed on a daily basis online as well as by receiving weekly reports in the given emails on a weekly basis. Customers who want to know more about this service can contact Prabhu Capital’s website and phone number 01-5970200 and mobile 9840076200.

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