Government seems reluctant to release fund for Covid19 Claim


Kathmandu: Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has said that consultations are being held on the issue of payment of long pending Corona insurance claims. Speaking at a press conference on the bill to replace the Finance Ordinance, he admitted that he is serious about the issue.

“There is a serious question but the answer is complicated.” Stating that the epidemic was insured even in such a situation in Corona, Minister Sharma said that government has a liability of Rs. 11 billion. We could release one or two billion rupees.’

Due to the Corona Insurance Standard 2077 issued by the Insurance Board in the early stages of the Corona epidemic in Nepal, the Government of Nepal has a liability of over Rs. 8 billion. As per the criteria, insurance companies, Insurance Board and reinsurance companies have fulfilled their obligations of Rs. 3.5 billion. So far, over 4 billion Corona insurance claims have been paid, but the Government of Nepal is not willing to pay for the remaining claims.

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