First phase of Insurance Surveyor’s Training Concludes

Kathmandu. The Insurance Board has started training of insurance surveyors after 5 years. The board has trained 25 surveyors in the first phase.

Addressing the concluding program of the first phase, Executive Director Rajuraman Poudel requested the participants to go to insurance companies for at least 15 days internship. He said, “You have gained theoretical knowledge about insurance in the five-day training.” Now go and work in an insurance company for 15 days. This will let you know the real practice of insurance. ‘

The Board has agreed to facilitate the internship by coordinating with the insurers association. In the surveyor’s training, the participants will be able to get a letter from the insurance board and go to the branch office and central office of the insurance company where they get it. Poudel informed that the companies have agreed to do internship of two surveyors at a time.

Poudel said that the surveyor’s license will be officially issued after submitting the ‘internship letter’ given by the insurance companies. Some of the participants in the training said that there was a problem in the final stage of the internship. Addressing their response, Poudel said, “This will increase your relationship with insurance companies as well as the opportunity to learn the work of a surveyor.”

Chief Executive Officer of the Institute Bhoj Raj Sharma informed that the training was conducted for 5 days at the rate of 5 hours daily. When the board opened the application for the license of insurance surveyor after 5 years, more than 1,200 applications have been submitted so far.

The training has been started before the deadline for application after the application for surveyor has been received.

More than 1,100 applications have been received since the board called for proposals. The board plans to train them and give them licenses as soon as possible.

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